The Creek Church

Christmas: A Light in the Darkness

A Wonder-Full Christmas

Sunday, December 2 2018 | Trevor Barton

Our Christmas experiences are often based on what has happened to us and what is happening around us. The circumstances we face dictate whether Christmas brings joy or humbug. But Christmas can be full of wonder and full of meaning when our experience is based on what happened for us at the first Christmas.

In Him Was Life

Sunday, December 9 2018 | Trevor Barton

John realized who his cousin Jesus really was based not on a blind faith, but on points of evidence that could be historically documented. These signs unquestionably tell us of Jesus’ power and perfection.

Like Son Like Father

Sunday, December 23 2018 | Trevor Barton

Jesus didn’t claim to HAVE the best explanation of God, Jesus claimed to BE the best explanation of God. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus coming to reveal God to man. May this overwhelming truth never become commonplace.