The Creek Church

Elijah: A Hero Just Like Us


Sunday, May 14 2017 | Trevor Barton

A hero is an ordinary person who finds themselves in extraordinarily difficult circumstances and responds in an extraordinarily noble way. However, being a hero does not mean being perfect. Elijah was a hero of faith, but he was far from perfect. We can see from his story that sometimes moments of great courage are followed by moments of great fear, that sometimes our current circumstances come from our past prayers, and that sometimes what we feel is not an indicator of what is reality. From his story, we can see that you may have to be the lone one standing, but you will never be the one who has to stand alone.


Sunday, May 21 2017 | Trevor Barton

Elijah made many great contributions with his life, but perhaps the greatest was the contribution he made to the next generation. Elijah realized he was a link between the faith of the past and the faith of the future. He lived his life in such a way that his faith attracted the next generation rather than repelling them. We regard Elijah as great today in part because he helped others be great. Elijah realized that he was a part of the story of God and that what God was up to in the world was bigger than any one generation. Consequently Elijah made sure faith was pushed into the next generation.


Sunday, May 28 2017 | Trevor Barton

In order to ensure that our lives do not end with regret, we must ask ourselves, "What would the heroic version of me do?" The prophets and other heroes of the Old Testament asked the same question and answered it by enduring countless hardships for a promise they never saw come to life: Jesus. Their perseverance was a result of their faith in Him, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. This is what made them heroes.  We, too, can be heroes by fixing our eyes on Jesus, the hero inside each one of us.