The Creek Church

Grave Digger

Unexpected Tragedy

Sunday, September 13 2015 | Trevor Barton

When we dig up the past of the church at Ephesus, we're forced to consider how a church that had gotten so many things right could get the most important thing wrong.

The "If Not" Clause

Sunday, September 20 2015 | Trevor Barton

In Me And Around Me

Sunday, September 27 2015 | Trevor Barton

Blurred Lines

Sunday, October 4 2015 | Trevor Barton

We all love the benefits of Jesus, we just don’t enjoy the cost of following Jesus. Like the church of Thyatira, we sometimes create our own version of Jesus that allows us to live our own lives and follow our own desires. Are you following an edited version of Jesus or the real Jesus?

The Walking Dead

Sunday, October 11 2015 |

Unequal Opportunities

Sunday, October 18 2015 |

Blind Spots

Sunday, October 25 2015 | Trevor Barton