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You > Me

Sunday, April 23 2017 | Trevor Barton

Relationships aren't easy. In fact, they take lots of work. Many people want to have a better marriage but don't want to put in the work to have a better marriage. Once we discover what our spouse's greatest need is, it takes work, effort, and perhaps a plan to see that their need is met. 

Always + Often

Sunday, April 30 2017 | Trevor Barton

The Church does not always talk about the subject of sex and sometimes give the wrong message concerning it. It’s important to know that sex isn’t God, sex isn’t gross, and sex is a gift. Married couples often face obstacles to great sex, such as busyness, children, and fatigue. However, healthy marriages prioritize sex and make time for it. When it comes to marriage, the two commandments for a happier one are to show love always and have sex often. If your marriage hasn’t been characterized by these things so far, it can from this day forward.