The Creek Church


Joseph of Cyprus

Sunday, May 31 2020 | Trevor Barton

X-Ray vision, super speed, flight. As kids we imagined a world filled with heroes with supernatural powers that saved the day and made the world better.

But superpowers and heroes aren't something to be relegated to childhood fantasy. Being a hero and changing the world is only a choice away.

The Herdsman from Tekoa

Sunday, June 7 2020 | Trevor Barton

He's made it on few (if any) lists of heroes: Amos. He lived in broken times, and what he saw he couldn't remain silent about.

His superpower: He was an advocate.

The Horse Runner from Anathoth

Sunday, June 14 2020 | Trevor Barton

Changing the course of history, pushing back evil, advancing good, and making a difference - that is what heroes do!

In the face of seemingly impossible odds, what defined this hero was courageous endurance. He didn't simply run with men, he ran with the horses.

Abijah's Son, the Cycle Breaker

Sunday, June 21 2020 | Trevor Barton

The moment we live in is calling out for men and women to step up and be heroes. In this season we don’t need social media vigilantes or armchair quarterbacks, we need heroes to wade into the mess and forge a better future.

There is one group of people who provide us with the opportunity to do just that: children.

Anyone, Anywhere

Sunday, June 28 2020 | Trevor Barton

A hero can be anyone from anywhere. Being a hero and doing the heroic thing isn’t all that complex. It is incredibly simple.

The Sipper from Susa

Sunday, July 12 2020 | Trevor Barton

Nehemiah became a hero for his people, for Jerusalem, and for future generations.

He shows us that heroes choose to lead.