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Holiday Preppers

Counting Holidays

Sunday, November 6 2016 | Trevor Barton

The holidays are upon us again. For some, this is the most wonderful time of year. For others. it is the most stressful time of the year. For many, it is both the most wonderful and the most stressful time of year. Every year it seems we end the season by saying that next year will be different. Then next year comes, and nothing changes. We want to handle the season in a different way because the holiday season should feel different than it does for most of us. What if there was as way to make not only this holiday season but EVERY season different?

Dollars and Sense

Sunday, November 13 2016 | Trevor Barton

It is the second biggest cause of stress at the holiday season. Matter of fact, it is a major cause of stress all year long for many people. None of us like to talk about money, but the Scripture has a lot to say about how important it is to have margin in our finances. Money doesn't seem like a spiritual matter, but Jesus seemed to think it was a big deal. Not only is it a big deal during the holiday season, it is a big deal every day.

Holiday Wardrobe

Sunday, November 20 2016 | Trevor Barton

People are one of the most challenging aspects of the holidays. Just because we call them friends and are family doesn't automatically mean things go well between us. What if dressing differently could change the way you experience this season and the people you're with?