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I'm Invited

Sunday, January 5 2020 | Trevor Barton

Purpose is the reason that something exists. It’s the reason that you exist, and contrary to popular belief, we don’t get to select our purpose in life. God created you on purpose and for a purpose. For those who follow Jesus, we find our purpose in someone else, and we fulfill our purpose as a part of the Church.

I'm Influential

Sunday, January 12 2020 | Austin Upchurch

Following Jesus isn’t something you can do halfway. If we’re all in, we have a purpose to fulfill: to invite others to follow Jesus.

I'm Involved

Sunday, January 19 2020 | Trevor Barton

The greatest thing you can do with your life is to serve others, and the greatest way to serve others is through the local church.

I'm Invested

Sunday, January 26 2020 | Trevor Barton

When you read the Gospels, one of the things that Jesus makes remarkably clear is His purpose. It was the north star of His life, guiding and leading everything He said and did.

He would recast His purpose to His followers, and it would change everything: careers, families, hobbies, social calendars, and even our money all become a means to His end.