The Creek Church


The Jesus I Never Knew

The Lamb

Sunday, February 9 2020 | Trevor Barton

Life is filled with questions, but the biggest question we will ever ask and wrestle with is, “Who is Jesus?”

Everyone has an opinion, fueled by assumptions and experiences. And that opinion has likely changed depending on the phase and season of our life. But what if your version of Jesus is wrong? What if the real version of Jesus, though he won’t fit inside your boxes and preconceived ideas, is greater than the counterfeit most, if not all of us, have?

The Wilderness Temptation

Sunday, February 16 2020 | Trevor Barton

It’s unavoidable. Something that everyone has faced, is facing, and will face again. We’ve overcome it, and have been overcome by it. Our moments of greatest regret and some of the worst seasons of our lives are traced back to it.

Temptation. It’s always there. Watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike and sabotage your destiny. Offering a trade: what’s most important, for what seems urgent.


Sunday, February 23 2020 | Austin Upchurch

No one likes being told what to do, whether the command is from a parent, coach, boss, spouse, or even God.

Even though he had the same struggle with obedience, Peter was able to check his own propensity to disobey and follow Jesus. His story helps us learn that when we see Jesus as God and good, it helps us obey.

The Mountain Sermon

Sunday, March 1 2020 | Trevor Barton

We all want better and easy. But in life and in most things that matter, better and easy seldom go together.

Jesus came to give us better life, and while it may not be easy, it’s worth it.

The Easy Yoke

Sunday, March 8 2020 | Trevor Barton

When Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount, the people of His day were amazed. He challenged everything they thought they knew about being a good person. What they heard about was not an easier way to live, but it was a better way to live. And yet, Jesus promised that he would give rest to the weary and his way was an easy way, not a burden.