The Creek Church


Someone's Someone

Sunday, September 11 2016 | Trevor Barton

Jesus invited his people to follow him so they could learn how to reach out to other people to bring them to faith. He believed that everyone could reach someone and that everyone should reach someone. Jesus invites all of us to live a life of significance, where our purpose is to influence others towards faith—others we reach through our jobs, our relationships, etc. Someone’s story of faith always begins with someone else. Whose someone are you? 

Someone's Storyteller

Sunday, September 18 2016 | Trevor Barton

Everyone loves a good story. Stories create an opportunity to connect with people and communicate something in a compelling and persuasive way. Jesus taught his followers about the power of telling their stories. Everyone has a story of faith, and those stories carry the potential to influence people to take a step in the direction of faith. 

Someone Bold

Sunday, September 25 2016 | Trevor Barton

The story of the early church is an epic account of how ordinary people changed the world. They were people that were invited in and sent out with a purpose, and they were bold and fearless in pursuing that purpose. As followers of Jesus, we are the church. May it be said of us today that we are as bold and fearless as the church was when it first began.