The Creek Church


Consider Him

Sunday, August 6 2017 | Trevor Barton

Every season of life brings with it potential distractions of faith that can cause our faith to drift. A drifting faith sooner or later becomes an unbelieving faith, because we rarely drift in a healthy direction. There are two questions we each must wrestle with to make sure that this is not the story of our faith. First, what is preventing you from being the best version of yourself? And the second, what sin have you been holding on to that’s now holding you back? Once we know these answers, we must realign and refocus on Jesus so that we can revive our faith and run with perseverance the race set before us.

His Heart, Our Heart

Sunday, August 13 2017 | Trevor Barton

Life is busy, complicated and full of any number of things on most days. Sometimes those things can edge out the truly important things as it relates to our faith. We get distracted, and we get sidetracked. However, when we fix our eyes on Jesus, not only does it inspire us to live the life that we want to live and are called to live, it also helps us see as God sees and begin to align our lives with his values.

Power of the Circle

Sunday, August 20 2017 | Trevor Barton

The church offers a place to be known and loved. It is a place where it's okay not to be okay. It's a place where it should be okay to struggle out loud. The church helps keep us from becoming distracted in our faith, from wandering and drifting away from faith. It is the power of the circle.