The Creek Church


It's Foundational

Sunday, June 3 2018 | Trevor Barton

Jesus told a story about two men who built their homes on the coast. One man built his house on the sand believing that the foundations he built upon wouldn’t affect the life he was building. The other man built on a stone foundation believing that even though building on stone was more difficult it would protect the life he was building in the long run. One day a storm came and the man who built his house on the sand lost everything, but the man who built his house on a foundation of stone made it through with his home intact. The point Jesus was making is that what you believe matters. It will impact you today, tomorrow, and forever.

Faith Can Fix Anything

Sunday, June 10 2018 | Trevor Barton

Faith isn’t magic. Faith is trust. Faith doesn’t ensure a happy ending. Faith changes our perspective. Faith may not change anything about what is going on around you, but it can change everything about you.

Forgiving Means Forgetting

Sunday, June 17 2018 | Trevor Barton

Forgiven doesn’t mean forgotten. It’s better than that. Forgiveness means the offending party doesn’t have to pay. It means loving richly those who have loved us poorly.

God Has A Blueprint For My Life

Sunday, June 24 2018 | Austin Upchurch

Have you ever worried about God’s will for your life — who you should marry, where you should go, what you should do? What if you make the wrong decision? Is it possible to be outside the will of God? God may not have a blueprint for your life, but He does have a game plan. If you walk in His ways, you’ll be in His will.

Everything Happens For A Reason

Sunday, July 1 2018 | Trevor Barton

Everything happens for a reason. There is always a reason, but it isn’t always a good one. Regardless of what happens, or the reason why it happened, God is bigger than our circumstance. He has overcome the bad that happens, and the things that cause it, and works all things to good.

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Sunday, July 8 2018 | Trevor Barton

From Jiminy Cricket, to the ballads of the 1980’s, the idea that we should follow our hearts, our conscience, is common and even celebrated. While it makes for great music, it’s terrible life advice. Jesus offers a different way to live. A better way to live: Let love be your guide.

God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

Sunday, July 15 2018 | Shawn Allen

God may give you more than you can handle. Your situation may hurt, seem hopeless, and be devastating. But in the midst of our worst moments God promises that in our weakness He is strong, becoming our source of strength against impossible odds and circumstances. Because of God, we can say it is well.

Christians Shouldn't Judge

Sunday, July 22 2018 | Austin Upchurch

We’ve all heard the statement, “judge not.” It sounds right, even pious. But what if it isn’t as simple as that? What if it isn’t unchristian to judge, but a key part of what it means to follow Jesus?