The Creek Church

Sweet Spot


Sunday, June 19 2016 | Trevor Barton

Whether or not you believe it, you are fearfully, wonderfully, specifically, and strategically made by God. You are who you are because of God’s creativity and imagination. God hardwired you with a sweet spot, a zone that you were intended to live in and live from. When we find our sweet spot or our giftedness, life comes alive and we find meaning in living. In our sweet spot we find passion, motivation, and excitement for living. God made us to do something unique, and all we have to do is discover who God made us to be and go be that.

The Prophet

Sunday, June 26 2016 | Trevor Barton

God gives to every believer a gift. That gift exists for the good of others. We can’t be all that we need to be and should be without the gifts of others. The Gift of the Prophet will help us be better versions of ourselves because of these gifts in the church. 

The Encourager

Sunday, July 3 2016 | Trevor Barton

Encouragers are coalition builders. They are optimistic, motivating, and help others experience progress. The local church has been given this gift to help us become the people God created us to be. However, like all gifts, this gift can either be used well or be misused.

The Server

Sunday, July 17 2016 | Trevor Barton

Even though we are all called to serve, there are some who have the gift of serving. Those who have this gift have an eye, heart, and hand to meet practical needs. They love to help, aid in a variety of ways, and do what needs to be done. The New Testament invites every believer to serve others, and in doing so invites them to a better way of living. 

The Administrator

Sunday, July 24 2016 | Trevor Barton

We often don’t think of leadership as a gift, but Paul makes clear that it is. Certain people within the local church are gifted to lead people from where they are to where they should be and could be. These folks are good under pressure, are geared for progress, and are a gift to the church. They work well with others in order to accomplish great things through people. Are you a leader? If so, get busy. Leaders lead, and when they do, everybody is the better for it. 

The Teacher

Sunday, July 31 2016 | Trevor Barton

Those with the gift of teaching love details, gathering information, and downloading that information into the lives of others in order to make them better. Their contribution to the church is massive. They are thinkers who are able to wrestle big questions to the ground and then articulate simple answers to those questions so that others can have clarity about not only what they believe but why they believe what they believe. 

The Merciful & The Giver

Sunday, August 7 2016 | Trevor Barton

The gifts of mercy and generosity often go hand in hand. Those with the gift of mercy are soft-spoken, easy to talk to, highly relational, and embody what it looks like to truly love people. Givers are typically well-organized, disciplined, sensitive to the needs of others, and find joy in both saving money and meeting the needs of others. The woman with the alabaster box is a beautiful picture of these two gifts and how they can work together. Simply put, we find that the logical conclusion of compassion is generosity and that you will never regret what love bids you to give away.