The Creek Church

The Table

Who's At Your Table?

Sunday, September 23 2018 | Trevor Barton

It is becoming less and less likely for us to meet, talk to, and spend time with people who disagree with us. In the new normal the odds are high that we won’t associate with people who are different from us. Not only do we not associate with them, but we dislike them because they are different. We have lost the ability to have conversations and to love all because we disagree.

Dignified Guests

Sunday, September 30 2018 | Trevor Barton

Jesus’ love and grace was scandalous and controversial. Jesus embraced people before people embraced Him. He understood a person’s value wasn’t connected to their culture, actions, past, or circumstances. People have value because we are created in the image and likeness of God.

Table Manners

Sunday, October 7 2018 | Trevor Barton

When Jesus came to Earth, He came to a story that was already being written. A story filled with characters and teams who had agendas, beliefs, and for the most part, despised each other. Teams, or parties, that would fight in the streets, commit murder, and slander one another to further their own belief system.

Jesus invited them all to His table and taught them the most important thing of all: It’s not about your agenda; it’s about the person sitting across from you. It’s about love. Jesus invited them to the table and taught them table manners.


Sunday, October 14 2018 | Trevor Barton

This series has stirred up a lot of conversations and a lot of questions. In week four, Pastor Trevor takes time to give some answers and some clarity to your questions.

Table Seasoning

Sunday, October 21 2018 | Trevor Barton

Just as salt is necessary for physical life, providing balance, suppressing bitterness, and enhancing sweetness, truth also balances and enhances our spiritual lives. However, when we provide truth out of proportion to grace, the end result is unpleasant, ineffective, and damaging.

Open Seating

Sunday, October 28 2018 | Trevor Barton

What does it mean to be Christian in our culture? It means to love one another — beyond those you like, connect with, or agree with — which is no small task! Love isn’t just refusing to harm others. Love is acting to help others. It requires us to be courageous.