The Creek Church

This Change Is Everything

Small Change

Sunday, November 5 2017 | Austin Upchurch

Small change can make a big difference. In week one of "This Change is Everything," we begin a conversation about one small change that can make a big difference in the way you experience life.

Piece of Cake

Sunday, November 12 2017 | Trevor Barton

When we are truly grateful we’ll show it, and we will show it with our generosity. Few people would ever disagree with being generous, but the majority of people don’t give. In fact, in most churches only 10-25% of the people give anything. But what would happen if the Church was overwhelmed by gratitude and characterized by generosity? What would the world look like? What would your life look like?

Clothe Yourself

Sunday, November 19 2017 | Jack Willis

This holiday season there will be people we can’t control, situations we can’t change, and unrealistic expectations we can’t compete with. Though chaos and anxiety during this season is unavoidable, we have the power to choose joy and create peace. All it takes is gratitude. When we focus on and express gratitude, we give ourselves margin to love God and love others.