The Creek Church


A Shepherd's Song

Sunday, April 19 2020 | Trevor Barton

David would become known as Israel's greatest King. His rule and reign would inspire hope, and point God's people to a future king would bring about a true kingdom of God.

But his life was plagued with war, disappointment, death, and crisis. On the other side of all that he was able to look back and point to a God who had brought him through it all. The inspiration behind Psalm 23.

The Shepherd

Sunday, April 26 2020 | Trevor Barton

Who would you let guide you through life? Who do you know that you could trust with every decision, from the small everyday moments to the destiny shaping ones? The answer: no one.

Maybe the better question is: who should you let guide you?

Life Without Lack

Sunday, May 3 2020 | Trevor Barton

The one who has the whole world in His hands has you in His hands. What if that one is using this season to make you still so you can take a step towards the better life He wants for you?

The Better Path

Sunday, May 10 2020 | Trevor Barton

There is no way to end up in the right place when you are heading in the wrong direction. That's why God offers to show us the right way to the best place.

Wadi Qelt

Sunday, May 17 2020 | Trevor Barton

Fear has a way of fooling us into believing things that aren't true, making unwise decisions, and distrusting God.

But faith and facts cause us to lean in a different direction. When you know that God is with you and that God is for you, fear has a way of fading away. You may be walking through something, but God is leading you somewhere.

Headed Home

Sunday, May 24 2020 | Trevor Barton

Psalm 23 is the story of an ancient King, the nation of Israel, and it's also our story.

From the lowlands to the valleys, the mountain tops, and the plateaus, we can all find ourselves in the story of the sheep and their Good Shepherd.