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What Lies Beneath

Who Am I?

Sunday, April 3 2016 | Trevor Barton

The message of Jesus and His followers became known as the good news. It was a message that said, “God isn’t angry with you, God loves you. God isn’t against you, He is for you.” Another reason it became known as the good news is the fact that Jesus gave an invitation for people to believe not just behave. Jesus promised those who would believe both an eternal life and a better life. It seems like for many of us, we heard a lot of talk when we were growing up about eternal life but not much about the better life. 

Perhaps that is one of the reasons that many have experienced a disconnect between how we feel we are living currently and the better life Jesus promised us. He promised peace but I feel stressed. He promised joy but I feel discouraged. He said I was an overcomer but I feel defeated. He said I was loved but I spend so much time wondering if God is mad at me. He said I was forgiven but I’m plagued by guilt and shame. 

There are two questions we must get right if we are going to live the better life Jesus promised: Who is Jesus? Who am I? 

Just A Thought Away

Sunday, April 10 2016 | Trevor Barton

Jesus promised a better life, but so many feel they have a lesser life instead. Many feel as though life change is impossible. They have tried it and failed many times. However the New Testament says that life change is possible and even inevitable if we simply adjust our thinking. What if changing your life was as easy as changing your thinking? In fact, it is exactly that easy. 

I'm Responsible

Sunday, April 17 2016 | Trevor Barton

Feelings are powerful and persuasive. When it comes to feelings, either we control them or they control us. We were never intended to follow our feelings, yet so many seem enslaved by them.  If it is true that we can control our thinking and how we feel, that makes us responsible for how we feel. What happens when our feelings go one way and following Jesus demands we go another? We must make a choice in that moment: follow Jesus or follow our feelings. Only one of those will lead us toward a better life. 

Who's Got You?

Sunday, April 24 2016 | Austin Upchurch

If we aren’t emotionally healthy, we aren’t spiritually healthy. The wrong thinking manifests itself in our emotions. We actually have the ability to control our thought life, which means we can control our feelings, which means we can control our lives. In other words, “Who I say I am affects how I think, how I feel, and what I do.”

When it comes to fear, it’s okay to have fear, but it isn’t okay for fear to have you. God is for you. God is with you. God has you

He's Enough

Sunday, May 1 2016 | Trevor Barton

Job is possibly the oldest book in our Bible, but it reads like the most modern and maybe even the most honest book. The opening of the book of Job poses the question, “how can a loving God allow suffering?” It is an age-old question but it is a current question, as well. The idea of a Good God that allows bad things to happen is what some would even call a theological kryptonite. In the book of Job, the issue of when bad things happen to good people reaches a new level. In this book, the very worst things happen to the very best person. Job’s story shows us the ugly truth that life is painful, life is unfair, and at times God disappoints us.

Lost Baggage

Sunday, May 8 2016 | Trevor Barton

The worst part of traveling is dealing with baggage. For many, the worst part of living is dealing with the baggage that we carry around from our pasts. Too many people carry around with them a sense of guilt and shame about something that’s in their rearview mirror. This guilt and shame can be crippling. What if we can begin to trust God with our past as well as our future? What if we can get rid of the baggage that we carry around? We could then experience more of the better life that Jesus promised.

Only One Needed

Sunday, May 15 2016 | Trevor Barton

Someone once defined insecurity as the space between who I am, who I want to be, and who others want me to be. It is a feeling that arises from feeling as though you don’t measure up. Insecurity makes you feel like it is you against the world, when really it is just you against yourself. When you struggle with self-doubt, you end up being easily swayed, subject to fear, and anxious. The stories we hear of failures — relationships ended, careers swiftly over, etc. — are often blamed on something outside ourselves. Those are often really caused by something within ourselves, a subtle struggle with insecurity we aren’t even aware of. Insecurity can ruin lives. It has before, it will again. Don’t let it destroy yours. 

Not My Master

Sunday, May 22 2016 | Trevor Barton

Having a better life can begin today. No matter what happened yesterday or what is happening today, there is always a hope of a better life starting right now. Better life begins with a choice. You may not have realized that it is your decision, but it is. God has given us a choice to make between a lesser life and the better life He promised to us. Why would we settle for less than God has promised to give? There’s one thing that we allow to stand between us and the better life Jesus promised to us: sin.