The Creek Church

You Asked For It (2019)

Thinking About Thinking

Sunday, January 6 2019 | Trevor Barton

Every new year we flirt with the idea of change. Sometimes we want it, sometimes we need it, sometimes we know it is wise to change. However, implementing and sustaining change towards the ideal, God-intended life is rarely easy.

It's a Hell of a Thing

Sunday, January 13 2019 | Trevor Barton

Is there such a thing as hell? If so, what is it like and who goes there?

In His teachings, Jesus gives insight on the reality of hell, what it is like, and who goes there.

Shame Off You

Sunday, January 20 2019 | Trevor Barton

Is there an unforgivable sin? If not, if God has forgiven me, why do I still feel guilty? How can I feel forgiven if I truly am?

It's A Miracle

Sunday, January 27 2019 | Trevor Barton

Why are there so many miracles in the Bible and so few today? Does God still do miracles today? How can I receive a miracle from God?