The Creek Church

Group Questions

An Epic Beginning - October 6


Time, space, and matter all had a beginning. This story we are a part of had a beginning. In the beginning was God, He spoke into nothing, and out of nothing all things were made. In the beginning God made.


1. The Old Testament provides wisdom to help us lead a better life, and gives us hope and encouragement for life. How does that compare with how most people, maybe even you, have read and understood the Old Testament?

2. “The theology of the Old Testament is wrapped in ancient garb,” meaning that God revealed himself in a way that the people of that day and age would understand. How should that impact our understanding and application of what the Old Testament says?

3. Moses gave the Israelites a belief that was revolutionary for their time and culture: There is one uncreated creator God. Why was this idea so profound in his time? Why is it still so profound and distinctive today?

4. “Something can’t be true in nature and the opposite be true in Scripture.” How does that statement make you feel? Do you agree or disagree with it? Discuss your answers.

5. God made humanity in His image. What does that mean for how we view ourselves? What does that mean for how we view others?