The Creek Church

Group Questions

Babel - October 27


It’s one of the best known, seemingly crazy, stories of the Old Testament: A group of people who build a tower to get to Heaven, to make their names great. But what if the story we were told is wrong? What if the story of God’s wrath on human ambition is really the story of God’s grace and love in the face of our own failings and shortcomings?

At Babel we find a God who lets humanity choose our own way. Even when we don’t choose the God who made us, God pursues us and is working behind the scenes of our mess to write the greatest story ever told.


1. The story of Babel highlights the fact that God cannot and will not be a means to our own ends. How does that compare to how most people treat God and faith today? To how you use God and faith?

2. How is the story of Babel the story of a people who got their own way?

3. What we have always seen as the judgement of God is simply God allowing people to do what they want. How does the same principle apply to your life? Have you ever painted the consequences of your actions as God’s wrath? How did that view of God affect how you felt about God?

4. In the midst of the fall of Babel we see that God is working behind the scenes in an obscure place, with an obscure man, to bring about the promised Messiah. How has God worked, maybe unseen, in your own life in the midst of chaos and brokenness for your good?

5. God reveals himself as the great I AM and the great I WILL. From Sunday’s message what I AM or I WILL statements that God makes about himself mean the most to you in this season of your life, and why?