The Creek Church

Group Questions

First Impressions - September 22


The Bible is the most read, misunderstood, loved, and hated book ever. There is no other book like it. There is no other book that makes the claims that it makes. No other book has made the impact that it has or has contributed more to the human story.

What is the Bible? Why does it matter, or should it matter? And what does that mean for me today?


1. The Bible is one of the most loved and most hated books, a best-seller, and also a source of constant arguing, dissension, and disagreement in our culture. How have you experienced that reality in your own life? What are some of your own views and tensions regarding what the Bible is and why we should or shouldn’t hold it in high regard?

2. Thousands of years before the advent of modern science, Moses asserted that the world we know had a beginning. He points to God as the cause of everything we know. How do these claims, seemingly ahead of their time, impact and affect your faith and your view of God and the Bible?

3. In Psalm 19, David wrote, “The heavens declare the glory of God.” What have you learned about God from looking at the things he created? Does looking at creation help you to emotionally connect with God?

4. Creation points to something greater. Creation points to a Creator. What are some things in creation that you find too astounding to have happened by chance?

5. God is bigger than what is behind you and bigger than what is in front of you. What are some things in your past or your future that you need to begin believing that statement about?