The Creek Church

Group Questions

Better Together - September 16


People have never been more connected to one another than they are now. Technology has made the world smaller than it has ever been. Human interaction is only a button away. Yet people have never felt more lonely then they do now. A recent study showed that 70% of people report feeling/being lonely. This is a terrifying fact when you consider that real relationships dictate so many things about our lives: how long we live, how happy we are, even our self-esteem and self-worth.

In an increasingly connected world, we are increasingly less connected. How can we begin to experience real relationships and community?


1. Do you spend more time with other people or looking at what other people are doing online? Why do you think that is? Is that healthy or unhealthy?

2. Think back through the various seasons in your own life as it relates to your connectedness to others. When have you been most connected to other people? What has changed (if anything) that has caused you to allow relationships to be less of a priority?

3. Who we surround ourselves with influences us for both good and bad. Share a time when you chose the wrong group and how that impacted you.

4. Do you think many of the people you rub shoulders with everyday feel lonely? Explain. What, if any, responsibility to do you believe a Jesus-follower has to people in our lives who feel lonely?

5. What prompted you to join a group?


Pursue, build, and maintain healthy relationships.

Find someone who makes you better, takes you further, lifts you higher, and leads you deeper. Take the initiative. Invite someone to dinner, coffee, etc.