The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Impossible Prayer - March 4


Most people pray. Even people who would never claim faith find themselves saying a quick prayer before a big test or in the midst of a life crisis. But while most people pray, not many people understand prayer. Many of us pray for things that are going to happen anyway, rather than bringing impossible “asks” to an all-powerful God.

But what if God’s people prayed for more than “traveling mercies?” What if you leveraged your connection with God to move the mountain in front of you and transform the people around you?


1. Do you find yourself praying small prayers or large prayers most often? Why do you think you lean in that direction? Do you consider your prayers “impossible?” Do you feel like you’ve been asking too little of God?

2. Have you ever used Scripture in your prayers? Why did you decide to do that? Did you feel more confident making your requests?

3. David Pothier told the story of how his parents had prayed for their city for years, even though they saw no results. He credits the current success of his church to their persistent prayers for revival. Has there been a time in your life when you have seen prayers answered even though the timing seemed late? Is there anything you have been continually praying for even though you haven’t seen results yet?

4. What do you think passion adds to prayer? Have you ever prayed passionately? If you feel comfortable, tell about your experience.

5. If you absolutely knew God would give you anything you prayed for, what would you pray for? How would the world be better for what you prayed? What’s stopping you?


Pray with Scripture

Pray with persistence

Pray with passion

Log it: Most people fail to pray because they never plan to pray. Set aside a daily time to pray, grab a journal, and record what you’re praying for every day.