The Creek Church

Group Questions

Count Your Marbles - April 22


The message that most people hear and see from the church is about a better life after this life, often to the neglect of our life now. Many of us grew up hearing sermons that preached against fun: good times and good music with good friends.

The only problem with that version of faith is Jesus. Jesus was known as a fun guy to be around. When he showed up to a party it was sure to be a memorable night. Jesus said He came to give us life. Real life. Better life.

The first step to living the life Jesus died to give us is realizing how short this part of eternity is. If you want to make your days count, count your days.


  1. Why do you think that the Church tends to elevate the life after this life to the neglect of our life now? What do you think motivates that message? What are the dangers of it?
  2. Have you ever met any Jesus followers that embody the “better life/bigger life” that should characterize the Church? What about them stuck out to you? What made them choose a different approach to life than other Christians?
  3. If you want to make your days count, count your days. The average life expectancy for most americans is between 75-80 years. How many days/years do you have left? In that time what do you want to do/accomplish?
  4. If you knew that today was your last day, how would that impact what you do, or how you do what you do?
  5. Where are your marbles going? How are you spending your time? Is that good, bad, neutral, helpful, hurtful?


This week, ask God to teach you to number your days so that you may gain wisdom.