The Creek Church

Group Questions

Everyone and Someone - April 7


God’s plan to change the world has always been people. He started with 11 men, and from that core group launched a movement that altered human history. We are His Plan A to reach and bring hope to the people around us and the world, and there is no Plan B. Our purpose, your purpose, is to love God, love people, and make disciples. God’s plan is to reach people with people. His plan to reach those around you IS you.


1. Prior to the sermon, did you understand God’s purpose for your life? Why or why not? What are some things you’ve mistaken for God’s purpose for your life?

2. Discuss ways you can love God, love people, and make disciples.

3. What impedes you from stepping out in faith and boldly reaching out to others? What steps can you take to move toward being bolder?

4. For early Christians, reaching others with the good news of Jesus was part of their lives. In what areas of your life can you begin to incorporate more purposeful interactions with others?


Get a burden.

Pray for boldness.

Expect the miraculous.

Live on purpose and for a purpose.