The Creek Church

Group Questions

Abijah's Son, the Cycle Breaker - June 21


The moment we live in is calling out for men and women to step up and be heroes. In this season we don’t need social media vigilantes or armchair quarterbacks, we need heroes to wade into the mess and forge a better future.

There is one group of people who provide us with the opportunity to do just that: children.


1. When we abdicate our responsibility (as fathers, mothers, the Church) children always pay the price. How have you personally seen this truth play out in your own life, the lives of those around you, and our community?

2. Children call us to invest, influence, interact, inspire, and be involved. How can you begin to do those things or do them better?

3. Our choices are bigger than us because they affect more than just us. Why do you think we so often ignore or deny this?

4. When you take a good, hard, honest look at your family, what do you want to repeat/reinforce? What things do you want to rewrite?

5. What does the future that you want to move towards (for you, your family, the next generation) look like?

Next Steps:

This week set aside time to reflect on who/where you come from. Write down what you want to perpetuate and what you want to change or do differently.

Regularly revisit your list as a reminder to be the hero for those coming behind you!