The Creek Church

Group Questions

I Am Willing - April 9


Everyone will come face to face with a door of opportunity at some point in their lives. When that moment comes, we must be prepared to seize the moment and walk through that door. Leveraging that opportunity begins with something very simple but yet profound: it begins with willingness. Without willingness to take the necessary steps, we might live our life missing many divine opportunities that have the power to not only change the trajectory of our lives, but the also the trajectory of someone else’s life. This week of the year provides a unique opportunity for all of us who follow Jesus to extend an invitation to those in our sphere of influence. What will you do this week when you come face to face with your door of opportunity?

Discussion Questions:

1. Dr. Claude Thomas said most people are drifting. Do you consider yourself to be drifting? What does the opposite of drifting look like?

2. Has there been any time recently where you feel like you resisted the nudge to have a conversation with someone? If so, share that with your group.

3. Who are you going to be talking to this week and inviting to the Easter services? What are some of the obstacles you anticipate in having that happen? Discuss with your group.


Invite. Invite. Invite.


John 1:23 (NIV) John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’”