The Creek Church

Group Questions

I'm Influential - January 12


Following Jesus isn’t something you can do halfway. If we’re all in, we have a purpose to fulfill: to invite others to follow Jesus.


1. Have you ever had an awkward moment while trying to share Jesus with someone or while someone was trying to share Jesus with you? What happened?

2. Why do you think we tend to overcomplicate our purpose? If it’s as easy as saying, “come and see,” why do you think we still have trouble reaching the people around us? What can we do to change that?

3. Austin said, “You’ll never accidentally live on purpose.” Living out our purpose requires intentionality. What steps can you take to be intentional to invite people to follow Jesus this week?

4. How are you doing at living your purpose?


Evaluate yourself. How successfully are you living out your purpose?

Make a plan to invite people to follow Jesus by leveraging your influence, building relationships, inviting people into your life, and inviting them to church.