The Creek Church

Group Questions

I'm Invited - January 5


Purpose is the reason that something exists. It’s the reason that you exist, and contrary to popular belief, we don’t get to select our purpose in life. God created you on purpose and for a purpose. For those who follow Jesus, we find our purpose in someone else, and we fulfill our purpose as a part of the Church.


1. What would it mean for you to live your life for significance rather than success, or for

making a great difference rather than making a great living? What changes and adjustments do you need to make to live that way?

2. Do you agree that Jesus followers find their purpose in someone else? If your answer is yes, how has that belief caused you to live differently? If your answer is no, explain.

3. Paul describes the church as a body; one body with many diverse parts. In your experience how has diversity helped the church? Have you encountered a local church with a lack of diversity? If so, how did the lack of diversity impact that local church?

4. If you are a Jesus follower you are a part of the church, which means you have a part to play. What is your part?

5. Is it possible for a Jesus follower to play their part, fulfill their purpose, without being an active part of a local church?