The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Lamb - February 9


Life is filled with questions, but the biggest question we will ever ask and wrestle with is, “Who is Jesus?”

Everyone has an opinion, fueled by assumptions and experiences. And that opinion has likely changed depending on the phase and season of our life. But what if your version of Jesus is wrong? What if the real version of Jesus, though he won’t fit inside your boxes and preconceived ideas, is greater than the counterfeit most, if not all of us, have?


1. How has your version of Jesus changed throughout the different seasons of your life? What do you attribute those changes to?

2. John called Jesus, “The Lamb of God.” Based on your experience and Sunday’s message what is the significance of that title?

3. What Jesus did on the cross paid for everything we did. How should that transform our view of our past?

4. Why do we tend to view our past as a memorial of our own guilt and mistakes rather than a trophy of God’s grace?

5. Have you ever been haunted by your past? Why do you think you weren’t able to let go of what God said was gone and paid for?