The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Mountain Sermon - March 1


We all want better and easy. But in life and in most things that matter, better and easy seldom go together.

Jesus came to give us better life, and while it may not be easy, it’s worth it.


1. What are some things in life that are legitimately both easy and better?

2. In your experience, how has taking the easy sabotaged your pursuit of better? Can you share examples from your own life?

3. In His Sermon on the Mountain, Jesus says lots of things that are hard to take and do. Out of these teachings, which do you find the most challenging personally and why?

4. Following Jesus isn’t easy, but it is better. How does that perspective on becoming a Christian compare to the invitation most people are given to follow Jesus? Why do you think that is?

5. Jesus teaches us to do the hard things because they are often the best things. What are some hard things following Jesus has taught you?