The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Wilderness Temptation - February 16


It’s unavoidable. Something that everyone has faced, is facing, and will face again. We’ve overcome it, and have been overcome by it. Our moments of greatest regret and some of the worst seasons of our lives are traced back to it.

Temptation. It’s always there. Watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike and sabotage your destiny. Offering a trade: what’s most important, for what seems urgent.


1. Everyone will face temptation, and one of the best ways to fight it is knowing the when, where, who, and how temptation strikes at us. What are the when, where, who, and how for you?

2. Satan tempted Jesus to fill a legitimate need in an illegitimate way. How does that temptation play out in your own life?

3. Temptation is playing on our trust in God (or lack thereof). Do you often see it that way, why or why not?

4. Jesus was tempted to force God’s hand, presuming on God’s promise to save the Messiah from doom. How do we presume on God, and how does that impact us?

5. The final temptation in the wilderness promised everything Jesus came to do, without the sacrifice. Satan promised the world, all Jesus had to do is bend the knee. Pleasure without the pain. How is that promise of temptation one of it’s greatest lies?

6. Why do you think we believe the lies of temptation, even when we intellectually know where they will ultimately lead us?