The Creek Church

Group Questions

Someone Bold - September 25


The story of the early church is an epic account of how ordinary people changed the world. They were people that were invited in and sent out with a purpose, and they were bold and fearless in pursuing that purpose. As followers of Jesus, we are the church. May it be said of us today that we are as bold and fearless as the church was when it first began.


1. What do you think of when you think of being bold in following Jesus? Do you consider yourself bold? Why or why not.

2. The early church never expected it to be easy. They prayed for boldness to preach the gospel in the face of persecution. Why do you think the church today has such a different worldview than the early church?

3. When it comes to the message that we have as the church,  "if it doesn't sound like good news than we're not telling it right." Do you think that our culture perceives the Gospel as good news? Why or why not? If not, how can we change that?

4. What effect (if any) does the political climate of our country have on the church's ability to reach those far from God? What lessons do we learn from the early church?

5. What would it look like if The Creek truly embodied boldness in our desire to reach those outside the church?

6. Why has much of the church stopped praying for signs and wonders? Why was the fact they prayed for miracles for unbelievers so different than the prayers we hear today?

7. What lesson do we learn from the fact that the greatest empire in history and the most powerful men who led that empire couldn't stop the church? How should that change our hopefulness and conversations about the bleak future we hear so much about?


Pray for boldness and for God to do the miraculous so that others may believe.


Acts 4:29 (NIV) Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.