The Creek Church

Group Questions

Someone's Someone - September 11


Jesus invited his people to follow him so they could learn how to reach out to other people to bring them to faith. He believed that everyone could reach someone and that everyone should reach someone. Jesus invites all of us to live a life of significance, where our purpose is to influence others towards faith—others we reach through our jobs, our relationships, etc. Someone’s story of faith always begins with someone else. Whose someone are you? 


1. Do you think that most followers of Jesus believe that following Him is a way to learn how to be good with people in order to influence them towards faith? Why or why not?

2. Take a couple of minutes and briefly share about the someone who influenced you towards faith. 

3. Andrew and Phillip both seemed on an intuitive level to seek out someone important to them in order to introduce them to Jesus. What do you think are some of the common obstacles that keep up from doing the same?

4. What are some intentional things we can do in order to leverage our influence in moving people towards faith? 

5. A single invitation or series of invitations can change the course of someone’s life. This was true for both Peter and Nathaniel. Do we underestimate the power of simple invitations? Why or why not?

6. Do you feel like there's someone you can reach? Have you always felt like you could reach someone to disciple them? Has your thinking about this changed?

7. Who are you currently attempting to influence towards faith? 


Invite your One to “The Best Sunday Ever” on October 2nd. Don't stop at inviting them—bring them! Begin praying now that they will take some step in the direction of faith. 


Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”