The Creek Church

Group Questions

Faith Can Fix Anything - June 10


Faith isn’t magic. Faith is trust. Faith doesn’t ensure a happy ending. Faith changes our perspective. Faith may not change anything about what is going on around you, but it can change everything about you.


  1. Have you ever had faith that something would happen, something would change or get better, and nothing happened? How did that affect your faith?
  2. How are many people’s ideas and notions about faith more like magic than faith? Have you ever thought of faith in that way? What made you think that way about faith?
  3. Pastor Trevor said that faith isn’t magic. How is the faith that we talked about different than that?
  4. How has God used the tough seasons in your life to shape you? Have those times and seasons ever had a positive impact on others? If so, what was it?
  5. After hearing this week’s message, what would you say is the benefit of faith? If it doesn’t keep our lives easy and free from trouble, what’s the point of faith?


Don’t place your faith in “faith” but in an all-powerful God who can change your circumstance; and trust Him even when He doesn’t.