The Creek Church

Group Questions

Forgiving Means Forgetting - June 17


Forgiven doesn’t mean forgotten. It’s better than that. Forgiveness means the offending party doesn’t have to pay. It means loving richly those who have loved us poorly.


  1. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus made it clear how we are to treat, love, and forgive people. Have you ever tried to explain away what Jesus said about those things or heard someone else try to? Why were you, or they, trying to find an alternative explanation for what Jesus made clear?
  2. How does unforgiveness impact a person? Have you ever experienced the cost of not forgiving someone? How did you deal with it?
  3. Have you ever been told that forgiving means forgetting? How did that make you feel whenever you were asked to forgive?
  4. We would all say we are thankful and enjoy being forgiven, especially when we don’t deserve it; so why is it so hard for us to forgive others?
  5. Jesus said if we don’t forgive others, we can’t be forgiven. Do you believe that? Why or why not. Do we live like we believe it?
  6. Are there times that you want a proportionate response — an eye for an eye, so to speak? Are there situations where an eye for an eye seems to be the best response? What could be different if we turned the other cheek?


Let go of past hurts and the idea that the offending party must pay. Extend the same forgiveness that God has lavished on you.