The Creek Church

Group Questions

Pray For It - October 9


Dreams are a powerful thing. As a matter of fact, when you look at much of history you can conclude that much humanity's advancement has been on the backs of dreamers and visionaries who regarded what was considered impossible, as possible. Having a vision for our future brings life into our present. 


1. If God answered all your prayers from this week, what would be different?

2. Would you say that you currently have a vision or dream regarding areas of your life like family, marriage, parenting, finances, faith, etc?

3. Do you agree with the premise that if we really believed what we say we believe we would pray different? Why or why not? 

4. Is it hard for you to untether the tension between reality thinking and possibility thinking? Are you more of a reality thinker or possibility thinker? 

5.  If change leads to progress, why are we often averse to changes in our lives? 

6. Jabez escaped his assigned destiny in life. He overcame his past. Why is this such a needed message for so many in our culture?  

7. Jabez prayed the following things: bless me, enlarge my territory, let your hand be with me, keep me from harm that I may not cause pain. Discuss each briefly. Which resonated with you most? 

8. What are some prayers from today's message that you can incorporate into your life and begin to pray?  


Pray the Prayer of Jabez this week.

Pray Moses' prayer -- "Show me your glory."

Pray Isaiah's prayer -- "Here I am, send me."

Pray Peter's prayer -- "Call me out of my comfort zone to where I've never been, to do what I've never done before."


1 Chronicles 4:10