The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Server - July 17


Even though we are all called to serve, there are some who have the gift of serving. Those who have this gift have an eye, heart, and hand to meet practical needs. They love to help, aid in a variety of ways, and do what needs to be done. The New Testament invites every believer to serve others, and in doing so invites them to a better way of living. 


1. Was the gift of service a strength or weakness of yours according to the spiritual gifts assessment? Do you feel that is accurate? Why or why not? 

2. Most people know someone who they think definitely has the gift of service. Who comes to your mind and why? 

3. There is a misunderstanding that being a leader is positive and being a follower is somehow less so. Why are both necessary? Why is it a gift to the church to have those who are gifted to follow those who lead? Why is it important for us to understand that both private and public greatness exists?

4. What are some subtle ways that self-centeredness manifests itself in our lives and blinds us to the needs around us?

5. Jesus said to be great was to serve. In what ways does our culture define greatness in a different way? 

6. Those with the gift of service work behind the scenes, and their work can easily go unnoticed. They can become discouraged if no one goes out of the way to give them encouragement or notice what they have done to help. Are there any servers in your life who have helped in some way that you need to thank or encourage?

7. What struck you about the video of John Allison’s story from the message? What is the most profound act of service you've ever witnessed? How did that experience change your perspective of servanthood?

8. How did you feel the first time you came to The Creek? How has that changed, if any? 

9. What are some areas you think we need improvement in or extra help in as a church? How can you help fill those needs? Are you currently serving anywhere in the local church? Where do you think would be a great place to start?

10. What is something you can do as a group to better serve the community or people around you in general?


1. If you are not currently serving, take a step towards serving in your local church. 

2. Pray to have an eye, heart, and hand to meet the practical needs that may cross your path. 


Matthew 20:28 The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.