The Creek Church

Group Questions

Thessalonica - August 18


The church at Thessalonica was known throughout the world for a faith that never went off duty, actions founded in love, and a hope that persevered through persecution and trials.

They trusted God, loved people, and refused to stop doing either.


1. Genuine faith works. It isn’t simply about the things we claim to believe, but how we behave because of those beliefs. How does that compare to most people's ideas about faith?

2. How can people do the right things for the wrong reasons? Have you ever been guilty of that?

3. “God may do His greatest work through you in a season of great pain.” Have you ever experienced this in your own life? If so, share what you were going through and how God used you in that season.

4. The story of Paul and the church at Thessalonica teach us that we can choose joy even in the midst of bad circumstances. What are some things that you focus on that help you choose joy regardless of circumstance?

5. One day there will be a group of people who remember you. What do you hope people most remember about you?