The Creek Church

Group Questions

Open Seating - October 28


What does it mean to be Christian in our culture? It means to love one another — beyond those you like, connect with, or agree with — which is no small task! Love isn’t just refusing to harm others. Love is acting to help others. It requires us to be courageous.


1. Practically speaking, what does it look like for you to love as Jesus loved?

2. According to 1 John 3:16, love is actionable, a laying down of your life, not dependent on feelings or emotions. How actionable and self-sacrificial is your love?

3. How would you describe love? (Check out 1 John 3:16 for some examples.)

4. Love isn’t personality-driven but is an outcome of your relationship with God. What does how you love reveal about your relationship with God?

5. Does your love tell others they are more important than you?

6. Are you courageously loving others? How? Share successes to encourage one another.


Make a list of names and invite them to fill the open seats at your table. Invite them to dinner, coffee, or out for a movie. Mirror the love of Jesus to those at your table.