The Creek Church

Group Questions

A Shepherd's Song - April 19


David would become known as Israel's greatest King. His rule and reign would inspire hope, and point God's people to a future king would bring about a true kingdom of God.

But his life was plagued with war, disappointment, death, and crisis. On the other side of all that he was able to look back and point to a God who had brought him through it all. The inspiration behind Psalm 23.


1. Music is incredibly powerful. It’s something we’ve all experienced. What songs have made an impact to you and why?

2. Knowing the power of music, and the inspiration behind some of our favorite songs, how does understanding the story of David help us better understand Psalm 23?

3. God’s past faithfulness is the evidence, the proof, of his future faithfulness. What are some ways God has proven faithful in your own life, and how has that fueled your faith?

4. Throughout the Old Testament God instructed his people to remember the works he had done. They set up on monuments, memorized scripture, and wrote songs all to that end. What are some practical tangible things you can do to remind yourself of God’s faithfulness?

5. The story of David reminds us that our capacity to sin is outdone only in God’s capacity to show grace. Does that idea, grace that is greater than anything we’ve done or will do, come easy to you? Is it easy for you to believe? Why, or why not?