The Creek Church

Group Questions

It's a Hell of a Thing - January 13


Is there such a thing as hell? If so, what is it like and who goes there?

In His teachings, Jesus gives insight on the reality of hell, what it is like, and who goes there.


1. Prior to Sunday, what did you think about hell? How would you have described hell to someone?

2. What we think about hell is connected to what we think about God and people. Does your viewpoint of hell align with God’s heart for people? Why or why not?

3. Do you struggle with aligning the reality of hell with a loving God? Why or why not? How can hell’s reality and God’s love co-exist?

4. Does the thought of hell make you uncomfortable or self-satisfied? Have you ever believed hell is a just reward, deserved, for a bad person or a certain type of person? If so, why?

5. If God does not desire anyone to live in hell, why do we, as Jesus-followers, see it as acceptable for some to go there?

6 After Sunday, has your opinion of hell changed? If so, in what respect? Did the message uncover any misaligned views you previously held? Discuss with your group.


According to Jesus, He is the only way to a life that is truly better and eternal. If we believe what He says, that means anyone who is going their own way, regardless of who or what they are following, is on a path to hell. Who in your life is on that path, and what can you do or begin doing to help them?