The Creek Church

Gabe's Story

Gabe Fuson has been volunteering at The Creek since he was in middle school, starting by helping out with the production team in KidsCreek. Since then, he has gone on to lead a small group of UpFront students, play bass for the music team, serve at our Somerset Campus, and volunteer with both The Creek Media and The Creek Film teams.

Gabe became interested in graphic design and film while interning at The Creek over the last four summers. He says, “The best thing about volunteering at The Creek is they give you an opportunity to have hands on experience. They allowed me to be a part of the creative process with them. I’m blessed to go to a church that welcomes creativity. If you have a creative mind, serving with The Creek Media is a great way express that through art, design, photography, and film.”

Recently, Gabe got the chance to direct his first short film, “Wicked,” which debuted as part of an UpFront sermon series. Gabe says the media and film teams are fun to work with. "We have a really good time together! Even if you have little experience with media or film The Creek can teach you. If you’re passionate you can learn it, and it’s incredibly rewarding.”

If you would like to serve with our media or film teams, visit to sign up.

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