The Creek Church

Jeannette & Pete’s Story

Before they came to The Creek, Jeannette and Pete’s experience with religion hadn’t been encouraging. For years, they felt that there had to be more to God, church, and Christians than they were encountering. They decided to give The Creek a try after listening to one of Trevor’s sermons online. “We loved the way we felt from the first moment we walked through the door,” Jeannette said.

After attending for a while, Jeannette and Pete decided to speak with Trevor about their relationship with God. They were used to pastors condemning them for living together without being married. Instead, Trevor explained that even though that wasn’t the way God wanted them to live, God loved them and would never turn His back on them. “Trevor opened our eyes and heart to the true meaning of ‘Love God, Love People,’” Jeannette said. “For the first time in my life, I felt I truly understood God and His plan for salvation. I began to look back over my life and see that the times when I had felt abandoned by God, He had actually been carrying me.”

Jeannette and Pete have taken several steps to deepen their relationship with God. They married in October, were baptized alongside their children, and are volunteering in KidsCreek and on the Guest Services Team. “We have found that at The Creek, our journey with God can be as big as we want!”

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