The Creek Church

Joe and Kathy's Story

Three years ago, Kathy’s daughter-in-law passed away. Two years ago, her son passed away. He was her only child.  One year ago, her best friend in the world passed away suddenly in a car wreck. 

At the time of those losses, neither Joe or Kathy had attended church for a long time. They had attended before, but just quit going. One day they decided it was time to go back to church, and they decided to give The Creek Somerset a try.

That very same Sunday a new session of Griefshare was announced, a program to help those coping with the loss of a loved one. “I think that was a God thing,” says Kathy. “We had not been attending in so long, and that very first Sunday we went back they announced that they would be having these grief classes that we needed.” 

Joe and Kathy attend Griefshare together, and it allowed them process the loss they had experienced over the previous years. They we able to build supportive friendships that extended beyond the length of the program. Even though they still have good days and bad days, Griefshare was able to give them an assurance of God’s presence though both along with a group friends to help them on their journey.

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