The Creek Church

Linzee's Story

This past fall, our student pastor, Ryan, presented his upperclassmen with a challenge: do more, lead others, and be up front with their faith. Linzee Rollins took that challenge to heart. She began to take big steps to deepen her faith and to use her story and her influence to reach others.

Linzee invited her best friend, Shelby, to come to UpFront. After attending each Wednesday for several weeks, Shelby realized that she needed to be saved. One night, she went up front during the invitation and gave her heart to Jesus. Shelby says she had never felt the urge to go to church before she was invited to The Creek, but she loved it from the beginning. “Wednesday nights really touched me and helped to keep me strong throughout the week,” she says. Shelby was baptized in November along with her sister, Ashlyn, who had been coming to The Creek with Linzee’s sister, Mackenzie.

Linzee and her friend Shelby

Linzee's father, Brian, is proud of his daughters and how they’ve grown in faith during their time at The Creek. “It's very humbling to see that my children have their own faith and follow Christ, instead of walking in my faith."

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