The Creek Church

Group Questions

Behind the Curtain - September 29


We all love a good story. But the greatest stories of all don’t just tell a single story; they weave multiple narratives and storylines throughout the overarching grand storyline.

Great stories are complex, and at the same time simple. What’s true of our favorite stories, movies, and books is true of the story of Scripture.


1. We have good reasons to believe in the truthfulness and reliability of the Old and New Testament. Out of the pieces of evidence mentioned in the message, which do you find the most compelling? Why?

2. “Any discussion about why we believe the Bible begins and ends with Jesus.” Do you agree or disagree with that statement? Why?

3. Jesus changed the way the disciples read and understood the Old Testament. They saw the law differently, understood the prophets, and heard the Psalms in a new light. How has Jesus impacted and even changed the way you read and understand the Old Testament?

4. Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith, the source of our confidence in the Scriptures. Have you always believed that? If not, what prompted you to view the Scripture's authority differently?

5. “If you want to know what God is like, don’t go to the Old Testament. Go to Jesus.” Do the people in your circle (family, work, school) base their view of God on Jesus? If not, how would that shift impact their view of God and faith?