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Everyone wants a place to belong.

Here at the Creek, we don’t think in terms of membership as much as we do engagement. We believe people feel as though they belong when they are actively involved and engaged with the local church. Those who are engaged do so because they feel a sense of ownership of the mission and vision of the church.

Our mission: To love God, love people and lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our vision: To be a church that people who don’t like church love to attend.

We want those who call The Creek their church to engage in these 5 ways:

1. Attend Consistently

Everyone can feel like a part of what is going on because they are a part of what is going on.

2. Invite Boldly

Sometimes a simple invite changes a life. We plan and pray over our services with those who are far from God in mind. We are determined to make this a safe place to invite your friends and family to, so you can invite them to come and see church done in a way that hopefully helps them think differently about church and brings them closer to faith.

3. Serve Selflessly

Everyone is gifted to serve somewhere. We are all a part of the body of Christ. When someone isn’t serving, we aren’t as good or effective as we can be. We need you.

4. Give Generously

Generosity changes lives. When we give to the local church, the local church can more effectively reach the community and the world.

5. Connect Relationally

This best happens in Discipleship Groups. This is the place where you can grow alongside of others as it relates to your faith. Discipleship requires relationships, and Discipleship Groups are intended to provide environments that result in growth and relational connections.

Ready to become a member?

For additional information on church membership, please stop by our Next environment on Sunday or contact us below.

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