The Creek Church

Group Questions

Exodus - November 3


The story of the Exodus, of the Passover, is the story of a people that chose their own way, had been enslaved in a foreign land, and left hopeless. It’s the story of a God who rescues His people, at any cost, even the price of His own life. The story of a sacrificial lamb and freedom. It’s our story.


1. God uses our own dysfunctions and mistakes to accomplish the good He intended. He used the favoritism of Jacob to provide for His people, take them to a faraway kingdom, and one day save them from slavery and oppression. How has God used your own dysfunctions and mistakes for good?

2. The story of Joseph teaches a lot of different lessons, one of those being the power of forgiveness. It doesn’t correct your past, but it does better your future. How have you experienced that truth in your own life?

3. The story of God’s people in the book of Exodus reminds us not to confuse life with God. Terrible things may happen. Life won’t be fair, but God is always good. Has there been a time when the circumstances of your life caused you to doubt the goodness of God? What were they and how did God use those circumstances? If it seems He didn’t, how may He?

4. Passover was given to the Jews to celebrate the God who liberated them from Egypt. How did Jesus use and redefine the Passover celebration?

5. The sequence of events that led to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection was kicked off with a Jewish freedom festival. Jesus came to give us freedom. How does the message Jesus was communicating with Passover compare to how many people process and view the invitation of Jesus to follow Him?