The Creek Church

Group Questions

Passion - December 15


Jesus’ arrival in the world forever changed the world. He has been the dominant figure in history for 20 centuries. Three years of His teaching and preaching has done more to transform mankind than all the philosophers, teachers, and rulers combined. He has impacted art, music, literature. There is no corner of our world today that you cannot look upon and see the influence of the carpenter from Nazareth.

How could one man from so long ago, residing in an obscure corner of the globe, have impacted the world so greatly?


1. The Old Testament brought about the law and the prophets. In the New Testament, Jesus brought clarity to the Old and instituted an entirely different law. How did the teachings of Jesus complete the law and the prophets? How was His new commandment greater than the old?

2. Jesus did ministry in a way that echoed the words of the angel who announced His birth: “good news of great joy for all people.” How does that compare with how you, or most, typically view and do ministry? How could you better create joy and give good news to those around you?

3. Jesus viewed those on the “outside” as hurt, helpless, and wandering. Does that align with how you view people in your life that are nonbelievers?

4. The cross and the events leading up to it show just how far sin will go. It always goes farther than you anticipated, farther than most would have thought possible. Has that proven true in your life or the life of people you know? How so?

5. On Sunday Pastor Trevor said, “God chose to give up His own Son, rather than give up on you.” How does that statement make you feel?


In three years Jesus changed the world by doing exactly what the angel predicted: spreading good news and joy. Be like Jesus. Find ways this week to spread good news and joy.