The Creek Church

Group Questions

Restoration - December 22


Once upon a time, the birth of a baby changed the world. The birth of Jesus marked the turning point in the most epic story ever told.

But the birth of Jesus, His life, death, and resurrection is only the midpoint of the story. The message of Jesus, the Apostles, and the Church is that the best is yet to come.


1. “Babies change everything.” Share some of your stories of how babies have changed things in your life, or the lives of people you know.

2. The Old Testament is a story without an ending. How should that impact the way we read and understand the Old Testament?

3. The Early Church taught that Jesus had come once to fulfill some of the prophecies about him and was coming again to fulfill the rest. Their message was one of hope. How does that compare to the message that comes from most Christians today?

4. How can you personally, and we as a church, do a better job of giving hope?